Starbucks Barista Espresso machine Saeco Stainless gft package fully refurbished

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Hello. I have been selling refurbished baristas for years. But for the last 6 months or so, I have been focused on other things for a while, my main gig, real estate. But, I wanted to offer this package for those seeking a refurbished machine package of gift quality level.this is excellent condition refurbished machine,

Hello. I have been selling refurbished baristas for years. But for the last 6 months or so, I have been focused on other things for a while, my main gig, real estate. But, I wanted to offer this package for those seeking a refurbished machine package of gift quality level.this is excellent condition refurbished machine, in box,, a Starbucks apron, a Starbucks mug, and accessory kit including thermometer. The Starbucks apron is used. I washed it and it came out pretty good. But it is not new. The box is new but in pretty good shape. Machine comes in original styrofoam packed in box. If you are interested in a regular refurbished machine, feel free to get in touch to discuss. Unfortunately, I can not get it done in time for arrival by Christmas. But, I thought I would at least get this up so that, if someone was really desperately searching for the perfect gift for the caffeine lover in their life, they could at least buy one and get delivery soon. Perhaps you can give a photo print out, and a bag of high quality local coffee as a gift, with a promise of machine to come. To be clear, obviously, this machine will not arrive in time for Christmas. it won’t even arrive in time for New Year’s eve. I will ship within 5 days or less, then it is subject to current shipping conditions. I do refurbish to order, so from purchase, it will be 3-5 days to ship. But, I do promise a good machine, shipped out in a reasonable time, and one that will, upon arrival, meet all yor expectations. If you don’t know, I have refurbished and sold these Baristas for years now, but I got a bit busy and laid off for a while on ebay. If you are not familiar, feel free to check my reviews, or ask me any questions you like. See below for my traditiona post I ran for years and sold many dozens of machines. My machines are fully warranted and I stand behind my work. What I am offering here is a premium package. This is a little more expensive than the normal machine, but not much. And the package includeds a bunch of extra features. I have a stainless machine that has been barely used. Low hours, low heating and cooling cycles, low physical scratches. Using this machine, I do a full refurbish, o-rings, cleaing inside, best conditon components, and best base and chromed cover, best tank and drip tray, best portafilter On top of that, I include a Starbucks pitcher and shotglass kit with scoop, cinnamon shaker and thermometer, plus tamper, and a Starbucks mug. Please see pics. For some reason, these kits only seem to have one shot glass. So I will include another one but it doesn’t fit in that kit I apologize for the lack of good pictures. This is kind of spur-of-the-moment. I’ll be glad to send you pictures of the finished product before shipping for your approval. But believe me, I send out a quality package and this is one of the best ones I have.. If you wish, I wil be glad to include Starbucks, or a local Seattle roaster such as 7 roasters, Cafe ladro, Lighthouse, Voctrola, Herkimer, Vivace, or, maybe anothe one you have in mind. Ground or unground. Coffee charged at cost. At any rate, here is the ebay listing, more or less, that I ran for years. Hope you appreciate it. This is a Saeco Barista espresso machine. I suppose the first question you may be wondering is why to buy this espresso machine instead of another. Of course, firstly, you should satisfy yourself that this is the best make and model. You can google this model and get all the details. But if you are looking at this, you probably have already decided this is the right machine for you. Everything they say is true. No one can make an espresso machine like the Italians. This machine makes perfect shots and steams milk perfectly. Of course, you will need to practice a little to get it just right. Especially the velvet foam Seattle is known for. But this machine will do it. And Saeco’s unique portafilter removes the guess work so that you can pull perfect shots with nice crema on top every time. But back to the original question. Why this one? Well, I will give you a few reasons why you might do well to buy this one. After dismantling a few, I have discovered that used Espresso machines are full of nasty gunk from both water and coffee. See pics for details. The water that runs through the boiler will eventually leave all kinds of mineral deposits that can both make your machine not work properly and also make your coffee taste bad. On top of that, the coffee itself leaves all kinds of gunk on the machine, the group head gasket, screen and other parts. Both tiny granules of coffee, and gummy tar will eventually clog and coat your group head and portafilter. It is very easy to put a used machine on ebay and say it works fine. But has it been descaled of minerals? Has it been cleaned of gunk? Has the mushroom valve been cleaned and seated so it does not leak unnecessarily? Has the steam valve neoprene washer been replaced so it doesn’t drip? Has the group head screen been cleaned and the screw adjusted so as to provide an evenly distributed “shower” of water across the coffee in the portafilter? Secondly, o-rings eventually leak. As high heat and pressure take their toll, machines begin to leak water which causes rust and mess. Has that used machine had all the o-rings replaced? Has the heat sync paste on the sensors been refreshed? Thirdly, what about the portafilter? Does it build proper pressure? Is it even clean? Coffee oil tar buildup can make your shot taste terrible. Sometimes the portafilter is broken inside and doesn’t work quite right. Has the basket been cleaned and checked to make sure all the holes are unclogged? Lastly, has someone tested and verified that the machine is in good working condition? And is that person willing to stand behind their statement? My answer to these questions is simple. I have taken this machine apart, cleaned and descaled the boiler. The group head gasket, screen and locking ring have been cleaned. O-rings have been replaced. The machine has been time tested to not leak and hold good pressure, as well as produce good steam. This portafilter is cleaned and looking good inside. See pic. And finally, the machine has been tested by steaming milk and pulling shots. This is the ultimate test, and my girlfriend is the ultimate aficionado. Only by passing her muster will this machine be listed on ebay. Of course, this is a used machine. I can not promise new condition, nor can I give a new warranty. My prices, which are well below new, just will not allow me to do that. But, I do want to stand behind my work. Firstly, I promise that the machine will arrive in good condition as described and as photographed. This is a money back guarantee. I also warranty the machine to be in good working condition. It will pull good shots, steam milk, and not drip from the steam wand. Please note, as the steam heats up, the group head will drip a little. Apparently, this is normal and every one of the last 5 machines I tested this on does exactly the same. Please do not consider this a defect with this machine. Also, the pump makes some noise. This is normal. Further, I will warranty this machine for two weeks. If it is not to your satisfaction, I will refund, replace or repair as required, subject to seller discretion. Cosmetic condition is very good used. Not perfect but pretty close. The chrome cover that usually gets scratched is a near perfect shape and even has the original sticker on it. The photos you see are unrefurbished uncleaned. I just wanted to get this done. So, feel free to ask any questions. Feel free to look at other machines listed and ask yourself which you would rather have, a crap shoot, or a machine that has been refurbished and has someone standing behinds it. About me: I am a mechanically inclined person and coffee lover who grew up in Seattle and has worked in coffee shops pulling espresso for years. I decided this would be a fun hobby refurbishing these machines and shipping them all over the world. To be honest, it would be easier and more lucrative to part these out. But it goes against my sensibilities. These machines are quality machines, built to last with reasonable maintenance and upkeep. And in this world of disposable crap, that means something to me. So, I thought I would spend a little time getting to know these machines, learning what I needed to, and offering a decent used machine at a reasonable price. These things are solid and bullet proof, and make excellent espresso drinks. If you like, I can give you a quick lesson on care and maintenance. But there is a lot on line as well.


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