Olympia Express Cremina manual lever espresso machine mfg. date 2012 near MINT

May 2, 2021 - Comment

For sale is a “Cremina 2011” (current model) manufactured in 2012 (s/n 25.034x) with red side panels. I purchased this machine new in late 2012 and have used and cared for it with pleasure for nine years (home use). The boiler cap was replaced free of charge by the factory in October 2014 with an

For sale is a “Cremina 2011” (current model) manufactured in 2012 (s/n 25.034x) with red side panels. I purchased this machine new in late 2012 and have used and cared for it with pleasure for nine years (home use). The boiler cap was replaced free of charge by the factory in October 2014 with an upgraded version. A full gasket replacement was performed in early 2016 and again in April of this year. The machine is currently at the Olympia-Express factory in Schwanden, Switzerland where, on request, the front steel panel and boiler cap have been replaced to prepare it for sale. The machine functions (and has always functioned) perfectly. That said, it is a manual lever machine and some practice is required to obtain proper shots. A quality coffee grinder is highly recommended as a companion to this machine. Olympia-Express make a beautiful powered grinder called “Moca”. I’ve used an HG One hand grinder. Since Creminas are known for their jewel-like quality (and price) I’m disclosing the following cosmetic blemishes: Two minor hairline scratches, about 1.5 cm long each, are visible on the top steel panel near the boiler cap. These are shallow (not deep enough to catch a fingernail on) and hardly visible, but for fussy buyers I note their presence. Considerable scuffing and faint scratching is visible on the steel drip tray and grate. There are no dents or stains. Again, scratches are not deep and are simply the result of normal handling (this part is to be washed often), cups being placed and removed from the grate, etc. Fussy buyers may order a new drip tray and grate from Olympia-Express but with normal use the same wear will be apparent in a few years.A small amount of chrome plating (no larger than a fingernail) is missing from the brass group head, near the level hinge. This is not visible from the front and does not affect the function of the group head in any way. The chrome simply came off in the first couple of years’ use, and I was never bothered enough to replace the group head, which seemed wasteful (and expensive at around CHF375 + labor charge). Creminas cannot be plumbed and a sightglass is provided to check the boiler’s water level. In my 9 years using this machine I have always used bottled water with a maximum mineral content of 18 grams per liter in the boiler (never tap water). The boiler is therefore in excellent, limescale-free condition. Included with this item are an Olympia-branded 49mm red-handled tamper, four single-shot filters, four double-shot filters (of which 3 are visible in photo 2, the 4th is with the machine in Switzerland), and a double-spout portafilter all of which are original Olympia-Express parts in excellent to mint condition. Also included is an aftermarket bottomless portafilter (see 3rd and 4th photos) and an aftermarket aluminum funnel which I’ve used with my HG One grinder to catch coffee grounds and deposit them into the 49mm filters. The bottomless portafilter (also shown mounted on the machine in the main photo) is beautifully milled expressly for the Cremina, and has been my favored way to make espresso. It shows minimal wear thanks to careful use and the high-quality materials of which it’s made. The double-spout portafilter, an original Olympia-Express part, shows no wear since it has hardly been used since new. The additional 6 filters (3 single-shot, 3 double-shot) and bottomless portafilter add approximately $250 to the retail value of the machine. Reason for selling: I’m moving (up?) to a La Marzocco Linea Mini. A bit more money and bulk and rather less beautiful, but La Marzocco’s factory is local to my home in Florence Italy so the Linea Mini will be easier to maintain and service. Other than the inconvenience of having to cross the Alps to get proper service for my Cremina, I would not have thought to part with it. Much has been written about these machines; they’re the Rolex of home espresso machines IMO. Since the machine is currently in Switzerland, I can ship from Switzerland (on Monday, May 10th) to buyers with a Swiss delivery address. After picking up the machine on Thursday morning May 6th I will continue onto Brussels for the weekend and will happily ship the machine from Belgium to the winning bidder on Saturday May 8th (duty-free for buyers with an EU delivery address, provided payment has been made by then). US, UK and other international buyers will be subject to import duties. For bidders residing in the US, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean and Central and South America and all other countries with 100-110V household current please be aware this is a 220V machine so you will need a voltage transformer rated at at least 1000 watts to operate it on standard household current. The Cremina has no motors and uses electric power only for a resistance heater so it is not cycle dependent (50Hz / 60 Hz either is ok).The power cord is fitted with a standard Schuko grounded plug. I will add additional detailed, properly sharp photos of the refurbished machine with new front panel (as well as the double-spout portafilter with 4th double-shot filter mounted) and the blemishes noted above to this listing around 11am CET on Thursday, about 19 hours before auction end. The machine will ship fully insured, with the winning bid as declared value, in original, brand-new factory packaging from either Belgium, Switzerland or Italy depending on the buyer’s preference and when payment is received. Bidders with eBay feedback of less than 5 please contact me before bidding or your bids will be cancelled. Bidders who wish the machine to ship from Switzerland must pay within 48 hours of auction end. More info on this unique heirloom-quality appliance is available at https://www.olympia-express.ch/en/products/cremina


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