Jura Capresso IMPRESSA E8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Model 13187 New Grind

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Jura Capresso IMPRESSA E8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Model: 13187 Completely Refurbished with a Brand New Grinder, New Seals and Thermoblock Outlet Valve Please Note: It’s the internal parts, not the outside look, that makes coffee. So you need to check how clean the internal parts are before you buy any used machine. Just because

Jura Capresso IMPRESSA E8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Model: 13187 Completely Refurbished with a Brand New Grinder, New Seals and Thermoblock Outlet Valve Please Note: It’s the internal parts, not the outside look, that makes coffee. So you need to check how clean the internal parts are before you buy any used machine. Just because it’s listed as refurbished, doesn’t mean it’s clean inside. Check every internal part before you buy this kind of machine, verify with pictures.During This Pandemic Time, We Clean and Disinfect All Units with UVC Germicidal Lights and Alcohol: Don’t Buy Anything Used without This! Features · 64 ounce removable water container with water filtration system · 8 ounce bean container · 8-step programming dial (Filter, Hardness, Aroma, Auto-Off, ML./OZ., Rinse, Stats, Language) · 8-digit LED display · Stainless steel ThermoBlock system (no purging): water and coffee never come in contact with aluminum · Power: 1450 watts and 18-bar pump delivers hot crema-rich coffees · LED display visible from all angles · Seven languages available · Illuminated chrome plated control dial · Two step pre-infusion for maximum aroma · Cup size selector from 1 ounce to 8 ounce (16 ounce for 2-cup button) · Height adjustable dual coffee spouts · Commercial grade, solid-steel conical burr grinder with 6 fineness settings · Grinds from 5 to 15 grams of coffee for any coffee strength · Three coffee strength settings (Mild, Normal, Strong) and two aroma settings (Standard, Robust) · Separate ground coffee funnel · Unlimited hot water and steam output, programmable · Automatic cleaning cycles for all functions · Patented water filtration system · Made in Switzerland · Measures 11 by 13-3/5 by 17 inches Refurbished using these procedures and with all these new parts (see pictures): 1. Disassemble all external panels and clean/sanitize them (see picture); 2. Disassemble brew group and drain valve, clean/sanitize them (see picture); 3. Descale all plumbing, thermal block, and all parts that have been in contact with either water or coffee, including water tubing, flow sensor, valves, etc. (see picture); 4. Completely disassemble and descale the coffee dispensing spout. Clean/sanitize all internal parts. This not only helps coffee flow like a brand-new machine, it’s crucial to your health too (you can’t believe what could be in used machines, see picture); 5. Reassemble everything using Jura OEM Brew Group & Drainage Valve O-Rings Complete Set, replaced 100% seals in the machine (see picture, even Jura doesn’t do this); 6. Check membrane pressure regulator for rust/leak (see picture); 7. Disassemble the thermoblock outlet valve, clean internal parts, replace valve pin seal with a brand new one, lubricate, then reassemble (see picture); 8. Check grinder and replaced with a brand new one (see picture); 9. Reassemble machine and pull espresso shot. Crema/aroma verified refurbish work (see picture); 10. Check waste coffee ground, shape and lack of water is also sign of a good machine (see picture); 11. Because the only way to test this kind of super automatic machines is to actually make coffee, there is always some coffee grinds and water leftover in it. Even in brand new machines. So please don’t be alarmed when you see some inside. Jura also recommends throwing away the first couple cups of coffee when you first use this kind of machines. Let me know if you want to check anything else or need any additional pictures. Also make sure you check all these items before you buy any other refurbished machines on eBay. Don’t buy if they can’t provide proof. Since people only do this kind of detailed refurbish work on the machines they will use for themselves, it’s very difficult to find any for sale. Warranty StatementDead on Arrival (DOA)In case the Unit is delivered faulty, or it breaks down within 14 days of the delivery date, it is considered Dead on Arrival (DOA). The buyer is entitled to a replacement or repair of the DOA Unit free of charge. This includes parts, labor, and both way shipping. In case the damage is caused by shipping companies, the buyer has the responsibility to help the seller in the claim process, such as providing some pictures showing the damage.18 Month Limited Warranty — Parts and LaborBeyond DOA period of 14 days but within 18 months of the delivery date, this limited warranty covers parts and labor, but excludes shipping and shipping insurance. The seller will either replace the damaged item with an identical one or repair it within 20 business days from the reception date. In case the product needs more time for repairs, the seller will notify the buyer prior to repair process. This repair will only restore the unit to a working condition and will not include any sanitizing or cleaning.Returning the unit to the seller, the buyer shall use the original packaging or a packaging which provides equivalent level of protection against damages during the transportation. Please note the seller will not be responsible for any product damage caused by improper packaging.This warranty does not apply to any Unit or part thereof that has been subjected to misuse, neglect, alteration, or accident, such as accidental damage to the exterior panels, operated contrary to the recommendations specified by Jura; or repaired or altered by anyone other than the seller in any way so as to, in seller’s sole judgment, affect its quality or efficiency. This warranty does not apply to any Unit that has been moved from the location where it was originally installed. The warranty is subject to the buyer’s normal maintenance and care responsibility as set forth in the Jura Service Manual, such as scheduled descaling and cleaning.Post-Warranty RepairsThe seller provides post-warranty repairs within 5 years of the initial delivery. The buyer is responsible for parts, labor, and shipping costs.Warranty Claim Process If the buyer experiences a unit failure, the character and cause of the damage should be established as precisely as possible. The seller should be contacted for assistance (contact information can be found on the Unit). In case the seller won’t be able to help the buyer solve the issue at hand, the buyer should be instructed about the returning process. In most cases, DOA return can be handled by eBay. 18 Month Limited Warranty return needs the correct address and a return shipping label. Please check Jura E8 for more details. Shipping is free anywhere continental USA through FedEx ground. I prefer Paypal payment.


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