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0 0 1 16 95 * 1 1 110 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE FREE SHIPPING! with delivery confirmationMinimum order: 5 sleeves (aka 50 capsules) except for the Kona discovery box (that has 6 items: 2 Ceramic cups with two saucers and 2 Hawaii Kona sleeves) Select your sleeve(s) -every selection

0 0 1 16 95 * 1 1 110 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE FREE SHIPPING! with delivery confirmationMinimum order: 5 sleeves (aka 50 capsules) except for the Kona discovery box (that has 6 items: 2 Ceramic cups with two saucers and 2 Hawaii Kona sleeves) Select your sleeve(s) -every selection you make and price displayed refer to 1 single sealed Nespresso sleeve, containing 10 capsules, unless a different number is specified on the selection name-between the following NESPRESSO PAST LIMITED EDITION coffees: new YEMEN Exclusive Edition VENEZIA AND NAPOLI Ispirazone Italiana, HAWAII KONA, CAFECITO deCUBA, CAFEZINHO do BRAZIL, CLOUDBERRY, NORDIC BLACK, ALMOND DESSERT, COSTARICA, PARIS BLACK, MACADAMIA, PRALINE, VENEZIA AND ISTANBUL, TRIBUTE TO PALERMO (2018 limited edition made only for Italy) LIMITED EDITION ESPRESSO “TRIBUTE TO PALERMO”A powerful, bitter blend of African Arabicas and Robusta. Roasting. The Robusta coffee in the blend is roasted dark and long, while the Arabicas are medium roasting color, but long roasting time to obtain a powerful and intense coffee while maintaining the specificities of the origins. Full bodied, this ristretto is enhanced by a silky texture for mouth-filling pleasure. Intensity 11 COSTARICA – MASTER ORIGIN High in Costa Rica’s mountains, only a small selection of Arabica coffee beans is soaked in rainforest hot spring waters. The scarcity of this Limited Edition comes from this rare process, which highlights the malty sweet cereal character of this craftsman’s coffee. Explore the Nespresso AAA Costa Rica coffee pods, a melt coffee created from a fine selection of Arabica coffee plant beans with a sweet cereal character. Intensity 7 CAFECITO deCUBAIts incomparable intense roasted character boasts powerful and delightful smoky notes of wood and tobacco leaves. Indulge your palate with its dense velvety texture, best enjoyed in a traditional short ristretto. Intensity 10. CAFÉ ISTANBUL: Arabian Mocha coffee from Yemen mixes with East Indies and Indian treasures to create this cup, reminiscent of the mystery of the oriental bazaar. Evocative of historical blends, it has an exotic character carrying intense roasted and black pepper spicy notes. Intensity: 10 CAFFÉ VENEZIA: – A taste of history as coffee from the ancient Ethiopian city of Harrar mixes with Indian Arabica to create a cup rich with the exotic perfume of the East. Wild and floral notes combine with a roasted character in this potent and complex coffee. Intensity: 7 CAFEZINHO DO BRAZIL: An intense, sensual espresso inspired by Brazilians’ love of their cafezinho. A velvety textured cup with an unexpected walnut, sandalwood and herbal notes reminiscent of thyme of rosemary. Intensity: 9 HOLIDAY “PARIS” LIMITED EDITIONS 2018 PARIS BLACK: Paris Black is a very aromatic blend of Arabicas, emboldened by Robusta. A true Parisian experience, worthy of the best traditional coffee places in Paris. It displays notes of cereal and nuts in a syrupy texture, combined with spicy and woody tones. Aromatic profile: Cereal and spicy. Intensity 9 MACARON: An almond flavored coffee emblematic of the Macaron pastry. A harmonious combination of Livanto’s cereal notes and a subtle and sweet almond flavor, emblematic of the Macaron pastry. Aromatic profile: Almond flavored. Intensity 6 PRALINE: A harmonious hazelnut flavored blend reminiscent of a Praliné dessert. Pairs the roundness of Livanto’s base with a delicate roasted hazelnut flavor, enhanced by a touch of caramel sweetness. Aromatic profile: Hazelnut flavored. Intensity 6 Available also as “PARIS SET” containing 1 PARIS BLACK + 1 MACARON + 1 PRALINE (30 capsules total) or 5 sleeve-Praline Set (50 capsules total) ALL THE SLEEVES ARE THE LAST LOT PRODUCED, THEREFORE THE FRESHEST AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET. For the limited editions, please remember that the “best before date” is not an expiration, and in fact the coffee can be enjoyed for a long time after it, thanks to the vacuum-sealed aluminum Nespresso capsule system. SOLD OUT COMPLETELY: Snowball, Orangette, Licorice,Apple Strudel, Raspberry Linzertorte, Chocolate Apricot Sakertorte,Vanilla Cardamom, Ciocco Ginger, Vanilla AmarettiCauca and Santander, Peru’ Secreto, Cubania, Monsoon Malabar, Crealto, Suluja, Naora,Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla Blossom,Coconut, Macadamia, Hazelnut,Masala Chai, Cioccorosso, Aurora del La Paz, Vintage 2014 and 2017, Rwanda, Mexico. FREE SHIPPING!Every selection you make -and the stated price- is for one sleeve only (containing 10 capsules)You can get a single sleeve or any number of sleeves. Thank you.Please see my other auctions, since I am selling all the Grands Crus and Nespresso accessories. Thank you. Available also the following in a 5-sleeve minimum order (see my other listings or write me):Any Grand Crus Blend (like Ristretto, Roma, Arpeggio, Lungos, decaffs, etc)including Ciocattino, Vanilio, Caramelito, Chiaro, Corto, Lungo,Kazaar (Intensity: 12!), Dharkan (Intensity: 11), Cafezinho du Brazil,Trieste (Intensity: 9) and Napoli (Intensity: 11, on a scale 1-10!)The following one are sold out:CAUCA: grown in the green, rolling mountainous region of Cauca in Colombia, warmed by the equatorial sunshine. These Arabica beans have been diligently processed to highlight the genuine fruity-winey aromas and juicy taste (Intensity 6). Limited Ed. Spring 2013SANTANDER: grown in the dry, steep and mountainous region of Santander in Colombia, under the shade of tall trees. Expertly processed, these Arabica beans deliver distinctive toasted bread notes and provide a round texture (Intensity 7). Limited Ed. Spring 2013TRIESTE: A blend of Arabica from South Africa and east Africa. The coffee has a roundy body with aroma of chocolate and hazelnuts (Intensity 9). Limited Ed. Spring 2012.NAPOLI: Combines Arabica beans and a touch of Robusta, level 11 strength, thick-bodied and velvety with flavors of roasted and assertive (Intensity 11, on a scale 1-10).PERU’ SECRETO: 100% Peruvian arabica, an aromatic intense premium coffe. Nespresso unveils an exceptional and little known Arabica from Peru, adorned with an amber smooth crema. Perú Secreto is an intense, sweet, round espresso with roasted cocoa notes. Intensity 8SULUJA ti SOUTH SUDAN: high-quality green coffee used for SULUJA ti South Sudan is washed, wet-processed Robusta, which requires a lengthy and skilled process by the farmers. This results in a finer, more gentle, smooth textured and aromatic cup. Due to its rarity, SULUJA ti South Sudan is available in extremely limited volumes. SULUJA ti South Sudan means the ‘Beginning of South Sudan’ in the local Kakwa dialect; it is also the name of Nespresso’s very limited edition coffee (sold for two weeks only!), the first ever to be exported abroad from Africa’s newest nation.HAZELNUT: The combination of the light roasted hazelnut notes with the Livanto Grand Cru reveals praline flavors, giving it a well balance in the mouth. Winter Holidays 2012-13 – “Hazelnut” is the original one, NOT “Hazelnut Dessert”MACADAMIA NUT: The rich savours of the macadamia nut combined with the roundness of the Livanto Grand Cru, develop a surprising freshness, revealing citrus notes. Winter Holidays 2012-13 COCONUT A perfect harmony between the coconut notes and the Livanto Grand Cru creates a gourmand experience, reminiscent of coconut macaroons. CREALTO: Intensity 8. The name Crealto stems from the combination of “Createur” and “Alto”, referencing the alta cucina (high gastronomy). The high intensity coffee is blended entirely from washed Arabica coffee beans, and its long roasting time cooks all the notes harmoniously, allowing it to develop round roasted notes that are long-lasting; giving Crealto its unique character and aroma. Limited edition that came out on Fall 2012, Crealto is best served as an espresso but can also be enjoyed with milk; releasing subtle nutty aromasNAORA, made with coffee from the Colombian departments of Santander and Tolima, is a specialand limited edition product that meets Nespresso’s sustainability and quality standards. Naora (from the words “now” in English and “ahora” in Spanish): what make this coffee so special is that farmest harvested their crops a few weeks later than usual at a specific point in time. Thanks to the Castillo’s variety coffee cherries’ ability to overripe and stay attached to the branch, Naora counts with distinctive features such as a wine and wild fruit flavor, and blackcurrant and blueberry notes. Limited edition that came out on Spring 2012. 100% Colombian coffee. VANILLA BLOSSOM offers a delicate harmony between the Livanto Grand Cru and the velvety taste of Vanilla.Savour the CHERRY blend, with its sweet and fragrant intensity of ripe cherries, awakening the notes of the Livanto Grand Cru.Enjoy the DARK CHOCOLATE blend, where dark and bitter chocolate notes meet the caramelised roast of the Livanto Grand Cru.Apple Crumble: a balanced harmony between between baked apple flavors and biscuit notes of a crumblehighlights the roasted notes of the Livanto Grand Cru to evoke a freshly baked apple crumble.Chocolate Mint: an exquisite marriage of the fragrant roasted Livanto Grand Cru with the delectable flavours of dark chocolate and refreshing mint: a must try for the gourmand.


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